Cloud Configuration including six configuration items such as ‘Firmware Updates Center’, ‘Multilingual’, ‘Alarms Management’, ‘Network Connections Guides’, ‘Quick toggle settings’, and ‘Scenario connection settings’. Through Tuya cloud services deployed around the world, all of this items can provide better and more personalized product experience to customers. That also ensures the items can update and take effect synchronously without replacing the hardware and reshipping an order.

Among the Cloud Configuration, it is noteworthy for you that the ‘Multilingual’, ‘Network Connections Guides’, and ‘Scenario connection settings’ should be managed aimedly depend on the sales area, cloud connection mode, and the function definition of your products.

You can get more information about each configuration by clicking on the following links.

1、Firmware Upgrade

2、How to Set UI Texts

3、Alarm Management

4、Network Configuration

5、Quick Toggle Settings

6、Scenario Connection Settings

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