What functions are supported by the IFREEQ LED Light Bulb?

This light bulb supports adjustable brightness and color temperature, app control, connectivity with other smart devices, timed switch, delayed switch, and other functions.

Can the IFREEQ LED Light Bulb be directly controlled by a phone?

Yes, the light bulb(Wi-Fi) can be paired with a Wi-Fi router then it can be controlled through the phone app.

Can the IFREEQ LED Light Bulb be used by itself?

This smart light bulb can be used as a regular light bulb by itself. However, if you wish to use app control, smart connectivity or other functions, the bulb must first be blinded to network.

Does the IFREEQ LED Light Bulb support voice control?

Yes, the light bulb supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice control.

The lights turns on suddenly when the power reconnect after power off.

It can be appeared when the lamps have no switch button (not a smart switch and no scene linkage). If the device need to connect with Internet, it is necessary to ensure that the physical switch of the lamp is open, and then the lamp can be controlled with the APP. But when the power off, the lights and app have no connection, by this time the lamp becomes ordinary lamp, when the power reconnected, therefore if the lamp physical switch is "on" at the before, the light will turn on automatically.

After turning off the light, why is it still flashing?

The power usage of the light does not meet the minimum requirement for the wall switch. When this happens, the light will flash when turning on or off. Please replace the light with one that meets the power requirements to solve the problem.

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