Burning steps

Tools and firmware file

Install the burning tool (running in the windows environment)

  • Unzip the compressed package of the burning tool

  • After opening the folder, double-click AndroidTool.exe to start the burning tool, as shown in the figure

Burn Preparation

  • Select Firmware

After opening the burning tool, click "升级固件" to switch to the burning interface, and then click "固件" to select the firmware, as shown in the figure

After selecting it, wait for the firmware to load for a while. After completion, the following figure is shown:

  • Load the device

Method 1: Press and hold the burn button, insert the USB cable, and then release the button;

Method 2: After inserting the device, press Win + R to enter cmd to confirm, open the command line interface, as follows

After entering the command line interface, enter: adb reboot loader As shown below:

After any of the above methods, the burning tool recognizes the device as a LOADER device, as shown in the figure

At this point, you need to enter Maskrom mode, click "高级功能" to enter, and then click "进入Maskrom", as shown in the figure

Burn Upgrade

After entering Maskrom, return to the "升级固件" interface, click "升级" to start burning the firmware

So far, if there is no abnormal prompt in the right information box, the burning is completed, and you can directly unplug the device

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