Wireless Gateway

Does a Zigbee wireless gateway support group control?


How to do when a wireless gateway cannot be paired through Wi-Fi network configuration?

Pls check the indicator to determine if the gateway is under the network configuration mode. The red light flashes rapidly in the EZ mode, which is the default mode on the app. The red light flashes slowly in the AP mode, which needs to be switched on the app.

What is wireless gateway serial port printed log pin?

Pls refer to the Log_Tx pin of WRG1 principle diagram, baud rate is 38400

Does a Zigbee wireless gateway support dual-control of a Zigbee switch?


Which is the log printing pin of the serial port on a wireless gateway?

View the position of the Log_TX pin in the schematic diagram of WRG1. The baud rate is 38400.

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