NB-IoT General Solution

The network status of the module still shows that it is bound under the case that the NB module has been unbind, what is the reason?

After the device is removed through the App (the MCU cannot remove the binding relationship), Tuya Cloud will only synchronize the unbind information to the module after the interaction with Tuya Cloud. Data interaction can be done by method 1: reporting data once (the module fails to report data back, and the connection status becomes unbound at the same time). Besides, for method 2: MCU sends a reset command to the NB module

I have scanned and bound the NB module using the Tuya App. Why is the network status reported by the module still not the bound status?

After the App is bound, the device have to interact with Tuya Cloud at least once before synchronizing the binding message.

What are the three modes of NB-IoT? What is the specific applied scenario?

PSM (Power Saving Mode): The terminal is in deep sleep status and does not accept downlink data. Only when the terminal actively sends uplink data will it accept the downlink data buffered by the IoT platform. DRX (Discontinus Reception): The terminal detects whether there is downlink service once every DRX cycle. Please note that the DRX cycle is determined by the operator and depends on the APN service eDRX (Extended DRX) handled by the SIM. During each eDRX cycle, only one end of the time window monitors the paging channel according to the DRX cycle, and the rest of the time is in sleep mode.

How does the app detemine that the NB module is offline?

LNo data is reported for 24 hours will be detemined offline. Please contact PM to reset the offline time if you have other requirements.

What should I do if bound or not activated is displayed during NB-IoT device binding?

Provide the device IMEI to check whether the device is bound. If the device has been bound through the TuyaSmart app, you must manually unbind it. If the device is bound for the first time, it needs to be connected to the China Telecom network.

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