Scenario Switch

How do I configure functions for a scene switch using the plug-and-play solution (Wi-Fi)?

The buttons, indicators, and I/O pin and level of the network indicator are configurable.

Press and hold any button to enter the network pairing mode.

The GPIO pins must be configured and cannot be disconnected.

Why doesn't a 3-way switch with a single live terminal and no neutral terminal respond within the specified time when I use a Zigbee scene panel to control it?

A Zigbee scene panel can only control Zigbee devices, including Zigbee switches with both live and neutral terminals. However, Zigbee switches with a live terminal and no neutral terminals are not yet supported.

Does Tuya provide plug-and-play Zigbee scene switches?

Yes. Tuya provides plug-and-play Zigbee scene switches with one gang to six gangs. You can create such switches under Electrician.

Does Tuya provide plug-and-play Wi-Fi scene switches?

Yes. You can create plug-and-play Wi-Fi scene switches under Electrician.

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