Why Can't I Find a Successful Callback for Start Recording of an Android Camera from Development Documents on the Tuya Smart Platform?

Refer to the int value that the startRecordLocalMp4WithoutAudio() function returns. The value 0 indicates a success, and the value –1 indicates a failure.

How many two-way audio talk channels does a camera support?

Only one channel is supported at a time.

How many HD and SD channels does a home Wi-Fi camera have?

One HD channel and one SD channel.

What is the maximum code rate of a home Wi-Fi camera?

2 Mbit/s.

What is the highest frequency at which an IPC reports alarms?

Once every 10 seconds.

How many P2P audio and video preview channels does an IPC support?

An IPC supports up to five preview channels simultaneously.

What are the video encoding methods that an IPC supports?

Currently, an IPC supports only the H.264 and H.265 video encoding methods.

What should I do after a crash occurs upon calling of the - (void) destroy method?

In earlier versions, the camera has a bug. When the p2pType is 1, calling the destroy method leads to crash. This issue has been fixed in 3.1.1 and later versions. Please stop preview or playback, and call disconnect to disconnect P2P connections before calling the destroy method.

How to do when the video does not show up after invoking start Preview?

It is recommended to check as follows:

1. Checking whether the camera object was created successfully. After splitting Tuya Smart Camera SDK, when importing with pod 'TuyaSmartCamera', p2p 1.0 is not supported by default. So check the p2pType when creating the camera. If it is 1, using pod 'TuyaSmartCamera / ALL' to import the SDK.

2. Checking if the p2p connection is successful. startPreivew must be called after receiving the cameraDidConnected: callback.

How does a camera upload audio and video data to the app?

A camera transmits data to the app through Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

What is the minimum memory size of an IPC?

32 MB.

How to do if an OTA upgrade fails for IPC?

1. Confirming that if the firmware side has been developed accordingly when the SDK is integrated.

2. Checking if the device firmware version number is higher than the OTA firmware version.

3. Checking the stability of 2.4G network.

4. Checking whether the device id and Product id are configured correctly in the backend.

Why can't I select an IPC intercom method in an Android app while the same operation succeeds in an iOS app?

Check whether your app is of the latest version. Tuya has resolved this issue in app 3.11.0 and later.

What is ONVIF?

Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is a network communications standard that ensures interoperability between network video products from different vendors.

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