Tuya provides five products and services to help customers quickly upgrade their products and help them complete the smart product infrastructure in one stop. The full-link value-added services and data operation center help to create smart products with global competitiveness.


Network connectivity is the first step towards a smart device. The standardized modules powered by Tuya are globally applicable, greatly reducing the purchase cost and development cycle.

All embed system on the modules are internationally certified on the communication technology and environmental protection standard. You can easily get the global marketing approval for your products with Tuya Smart Modules. Products have already been shipped to over 190+countries.


Tuya Smart’s standard App template allow OEMs to get their branded App up and running quickly. Now all products can be controlled with one App.

By combining our competitive cloud connectivity and the our expertise in connecting OEMs with suppliers, Tuya Smart delivers you best-in-class smart home devices.


Tuya Smart provides a user operation center for clients, building a bridge between consumers and brands.


Easily view all kinds of devie statistics, including the new device statistcs, active devices statistics and their geographical distribution.

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