Curtain Controller

What functions does IFREEQ Curtain Controller(Zigbee) have?

IFREEQ Curtain Controller is a super-silent motor adopting Zigbee wireless communication technology. It has functions including touch start, block stop, and power-off manual operation. In addition, it can work with Hub devices to achieve remote control, schedule to open/close the curtain and automate your home with various devices.

What does the "Manual Operation" of Curtain Controller mean?

"Manual Operation" means that the curtain can be opened/closed by pulling it with hands.

Can the curtain be opened/closed after power-off?

This Curtain Controller supports "Power-off Manual Operation" function, namely, the curtain can be opened/closed manually like an ordinary curtain after power-off.

How to reset Curtain Controller?

Press and hold the reset button at the bottom of the controller.

Can IFREEQ Curtain Controller be used after the wireless Wi-Fi network is disabled?

IFREEQ Curtain Controller supports three connection modes such as local button control, sensor linkage control and app remote control. After the Wi-Fi network connection is turned off, the control still can be achieved via local button and sensor linkage.

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