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Logging In to the Tuya Smart Platform

Log in to the Tuya Smart platform at with your Tuya account. If you do not have a Tuya account, register one.

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On the Product page, click Create in the Easy Access to Get Your Smart Product area.

At present, Tuya can provide two kinds of product development solutions: SoC and MCU development. SoC solutioon can be divided into SoC development-free solution and SoC custom firmware solution. You can choose according to your needs.

If you are developing switches, sockets, and lights, we recommend docking through the SoC Free Development Program.

If the development-free solution does not meet your functional requirements, you can choose the SoC custom firmware solution;

If you are developing a large and small appliance, you can develop the product intelligently through the MCU docking mode.

For example, let's choose custom product development, click "Create Now" to start creating products.

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