FAQs About Amazon Alexa

What is Alexa?

Alexa is the voice assistant for Amazon speakers and is similar to Siri in iPhone.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. There are three versions of Amazon Echo, namely: entry-level Dot, standard version of Echo, and portable version of Tap. The appearance of the Echo is no different from a normal Bluetooth speaker, and there is no screen. The only way to interact is voice. Alexa is equivalent to Echo's brain, and all input and output information is processed through it. With simple voice commands, you can accomplish many daily chores.

How do I connect a product to Alexa?

To connect a product to a third-party smart speaker such as Amazon Alexa Access and Google Assistant, log in to the Tuya Smart platform and purchase the required service on the Value-added Service page. Third-party smart speaker access services are automatically approved and enabled for most standard products.

What is the corresponding value of Alexa color temperature?

Do I have to reburn the firmware for enabling the Amazon Alexa Access service?

No. Third-party smart speaker access services such as services for connecting to Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Tmall Genie, are enabled by PID on the cloud. You do not need to reburn the firmware. These services will also be enabled for sold products.

Why don't warm white and cool white among the five color temperature values in the Alexa app correspond to the warmest and coldest light in my app?

The server end converts five color temperature values in the Alexa app to values in the range of 25 to 255 in your app. In the new version, the lamp color temperature value range is from 10 to 1000.

Can I use my mobile phone embedded with the Alexa SDK to voice-control devices?

No. To support this function, contact Amazon for interconnection development.

Can I view the private Bluetooth mesh product status from Amazon?

No. If you want to support this function, submit a customization requirement.

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