Configure Hardware

If you have hardware development capabilities, select a module and configure I/O port information based on the reference circuit diagram. The module firmware will be generated automatically. After you purchase the module, Tuya will burn the firmware on the module and send the module to you for testing.


Selecting a Module

Click Module details to view detailed information about the selected module or click Change module to select another module. You are advised to select a recommended module that supports most product functions and can meet your product requirements.

Checking the Reference Circuit Diagram

The Circuit reference diagram area displays a diagram of the circuit between the module you select and the product.

Configuring Module Firmware I/O Port Information

Configure the I/O port information by referring to the Corresponding figure of IO id and module IO name figure. Check the firmware configuration information, modify it as needed, and save the modification. The module will be programmed based on the settings that you specify on this page. After the module is delivered, the settings cannot be modified. If you modify the settings after the module is delivered, any online upgrades will not apply to the product because the settings will be inconsistent. The I/O port settings for power statistics equipment, sockets, panel switches, and bulbs are different. Enter the I/O port information based on the product type.

Purchasing the Module

Purchase the module online for product debugging. The module contains the preceding product configuration information and can be used for product debugging after you purchase it.

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