FAQs About Yandex Alice

What is the process for authorizing a Yandex Alice skill?

  1. Download the Yandex app.

  2. Open the app and tap Menu.

  3. Tap the red-framed item.

  4. Tap Search.

  5. Enter a skill name, for example, smart life.

  6. Tap the red-framed item.

  7. Enter the account and password of the app to which the smart device belongs and tap Connect.

  8. Tap Authorize.

  9. Rename the synchronized device.

  10. Tap the red-framed item.

  11. Enter or select a device name.

  12. Tap the red-framed item.

  13. Select a room and tap OK.

  14. Tap Back.

How long does it take to review and launch a Yandex Alice skill?

Because Tuya and Yandex do not have a green cooperation channel, the skill review and launch time are subject to the official time, which is 10 workdays in the official SLA.

Can Tuya customize a Yandex Alice skill?

No. According to business cooperation between Yandex Alice and Tuya, Tuya only provides the following information for skill launch. You need to launch the skill yourself. - Endpoint URL - OAuth settings

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