Zigbee Gateway

What is the access protocol of Zigbee gateways?

Zigbee 3.0 and physical layer IEEE802.15.4

How many DPs can be added for a Zigbee gateway?

Up to 200 DPs can be added. DPs numbered 201 to 255 are system DPs.

Does a Zigbee wired gateway support device group control?


Does a Zigbee gateway support third-party voice control?

Only devices connected to a Zigbee gateway need to support third-party voice control.

What is the theoretical transmission rate of a Zigbee wired gateway?

The theoretical transmission rate is 250 kbit/s.

Do wireless Zigbee gateways support local scenes?


What is the indoor distance between a wired Zigbee gateway and devices?

The distance depends on the use environment. The test data shows that the indoor distance is about 35 m.

How many devices can be connected to a Zigbee gateway?

A wired gateway can provide access to up to 128 devices, and a wireless gateway can provide access to up to 50 devices.

What are the network topology types that a wired Zigbee gateway supports?

Tuya wired Zigbee gateways support the star, tree, and mesh topologies.

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