Quick Start

This topic introduces how to use IoT platform of Tuya Smart, and how to fast create products.


  1. Log on to the Tuya Developer, at the right corner of upper banner, click Sign Up.

Note: The account registered through the above steps has the highest authority. Please keep your account properly to avoid the security risks of the hardware products, apps, device operations or user data.

  1. Complete the form as required.

  2. Use the account to log on to the Tuya Smart Developer Platform.

    You can create and access the product first, and other functions can only be used normally after being approved by the Tuya.

  3. Optional. Refer to the account registered in Tuya Smart, fill in the relevant information of the enterprise, and confirm the account as a corporate account through the authentication of Tuya Smart. At present, the new version of enterprise certification is mainly based on submitting business-to-public account. An enterprise account that has completed Tuya Smart authentication will have account rights and interests. For more information, visit Cloud Market.

    For the specific operation process of enterprise certification, please refer to Enterprise Certification Process.

Step 1. Select and create product

Creating a product on the development platform is the first step of intelligence.

Click Create Product, the product is registered and generated on Tuya Cloud, and the unique label of productPID is generated.

Select a category, for example, under Small Home Appliances, select a product category, such as an Air Purifier. Click the icon, fill in Product name, and select Net Pairing Mode. Then click OK.

Note: The selected product category is important, which will affect the subsequent product features and recommendations of the App interface. If you need more product categories, please Contact Tuya Smart.

Step 2. Define functions

We've recommended some common features for you, including mandatory and optional features.

Required features can't be canceled, the optional features default to all options, you can cancel your product does not have the function. After the product creation It can be edited again.

Step 3. Product UI

App control interface is the skin of smart products. We have provided different styles of templates to choose from, you can select according to your style preferences and product features.

Recommended UI, you can DIY a beautiful and easy-to-use app panel without App programming.

Free configuration template, you can set different product features of different styles of components, colors, icons, background, etc., to create the desired interface;

Development debug template, you can view the debug log, auxiliary development and debugging, not recommended to publish to users;

Some of the template categories have restrictions on the function, only support standard features, does not support customization, please take it into consideration when selecting the template.

Step 4. Experience device

The above three steps, click Finish, the product is created successfully, and you can immediately use your phone to scan the code to experience your product. You need to use "Scan" feature of Tuya smart App. Click Start Development to enter the product overview page.

At this point, your could preview your product , experience the product features and interface styles on your smartphone.

Next Steps

According to the product development status, complete the corresponding part of the development and settings.

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