Linux General SDK

For the AP mode network configuration, how many digits of the MAC address for the SSID transmitted?

The last 4 digits of MAC address.

Does SDK firmware download support resumable download?


Is the low-power network pairing supported for the Linux SDK integration?

Not supported yet.

Is it necessary to restart the SDK process when the SDK gets into the network pairing mode?


What is the reason for the sign verification error in the SDK?

It is recommended to check whether UUID, AUTHKEY, PID are filled incorrectly.

What are the preconditions for Tuya Cloud Networking SDK?

1. Support Linux/android system

2. Support TCP/IP protocol stack

3. Standard Linux system, support file system

What libraries does the Linux SDK compile?

Mainly C library and C++

What is the meaning of deleting the tuya_user.db file for Linux SDK integration?

Restore the factory setting.

When the gateway does OTA, how long it will take for timeout? how to do if the gateway is disconnected during the upgrade?

Once the APP receives a progress update, the timeout period will be re-timed, which is also controlled by the gateway side. If network is interrupted during the period of downloading the firmware, the SDK will keep reconnecting. If the network is disconnected for over 60s, the APP will determine to time out and the OTA fails.

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