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What's cloud modules supported by Tuya?

Wi-Fi,Blutooth,Zigbee,NB module

Does Tuya provide NB-IoT-based and GPRS-based communication solutions?

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Tuya is developing custom NB-IoT-based and GPRS-based communication solutions.These solutions are more expensive than standard solutions on the Tuya Smart platform.If you require an NB-IoT-based or GPRS-based communication solution, contact Tuya online customer service personnel, who will help you select the most suitable communication solution.

What are the application scenarios for SIG mesh and Zigbee modules?

SIG mesh modules apply to commercial and high-end lighting products. Zigbee modules apply to home low-power sensors, electrical engineering, and lighting products.

Do Tuya modules support the Sub-1GHz communication solution?

The solution is being designed.

The difference between Zigbee module and 433 wireless module

The essential differences between ZigBee and 433 wireless ad hoc network modules are the working frequency band and communication mechanism. Generally, ZigBee adopts the standard protocols of international ZigBee alliance regulations, uses 2.4G frequency band for transmission and networking, but its distance is not ideal and there are many interference sources. It is mainly used in smart home appliance and close-range networking applications. If using a 433m wireless ad hoc network module, WBee module can be taken into consideration. The earliest engaged in 433m, combined with 6lowpan technology, independently developed the communication networking protocol, supported IPV6 communication, less interference sources, long communication distance and measured visible distance reaches to 4-6KM.

The difference between Zigbee module and Wi-Fi module

ZigBee and Wi-Fi generally use the 2.4G band while the communication mechanism standards are different. The features of ZigBee are small data, low power consumption and great stability, which is suitable for industrial applications. However, Wi-Fi is suitable for large data volumes, short distances, and its stability is relatively poor. It is mainly used for home and commercial applications. ZigBee module manufacturers use the 433M domestic unlicensed frequency band for that communication, with good anti-interference performance and strong penetration. The measured distance can reach to 4-6KM.

Is GPRS communication the same as wireless communication?

They are different, wireless communication can be understood as the use of wireless transmission for information transmission. Wireless communication includes many different methods, such as GSM, WLAN, walkie-talkie, satellite TV, Bluetooth, infrared, radio, etc. GPRS is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio Service, which is just a mobile data service available to GSM mobile users.

What are the disadvantages of Sub-1 GHz communication?

Sub-1 GHz communication uses private protocols and requires gateways, thereby it is not popular on the market.

What are the advantages of Sub-1 GHz modules?

Low price, low power consumption, and long distance.

How do I configure PWM-I2C during hardware commissioning?

PWM-I2C indicates that two I/O pins on a module separately generate SCL clock signals and SDA data signals to the LED control ICs to control the brightness and color temperature of an RGB lamp. The ICs use different protocols. Currently, I2C SoC solutions on the Tuya Smart platform support only SM726EB and SM2135. If you select other I2C options, use custom firmware.

What is the working temperature for a module?

–20°C to +85°C

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