BLE Gateway

How do you switch between the local connection and the gateway connection of your Sigmesh device?

The module will judge according to whether it joins the Bluetooth gateway. When the connected mobile and the gateway exist at the same time, the Bluetooth device will give priority to the local connection.

How many sub-devices can be connected to the Bluetooth mesh gateway?

The theoretical value is 128, the actual recommendation is about 50.

Can Sigmesh Gateway control and manage sub-devices?


What are the similarities between Sigmesh and Tuya Mesh Gateway?

Both of them support remote control of sub-devices, support cloud schedule, scene and automation.

Does Sigmesh Gateway support local automation?

Yes, it supports.

Can Sigmesh gateway configure the sub-devices?


Does Sigmesh Gateway support LAN control?

Yes, it supports.

Can Tuya mesh gateway control and manage sub-devices?

Tuya mesh gateway only do transparent transmission

What is the maximum number of Bluetooth private mesh gateway devices connected?

Maximum 128.

What is the maximum access device of mesh (sig) Bluetooth gateway?

Maximum 64.

How many network distribution methods does Sigmesh gateway support?

Bluetooth distribution network and AP mode.

Can I add devices to or delete devices from a Bluetooth gateway?

You can add devices to or delete devices from a BLE mesh gateway. However, you cannot add devices to or delete devices from a Tuya private mesh gateway or a Bluetooth gateway.

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