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What communication technologies do smart door locks use?

The current communication technologies and features of smart door locks are as follows:

1. Wi-Fi (6 to 12 months): Generally, weak networking is used, and therefore, the door lock status cannot be obtained in real time. In most cases, data reporting is one-way. The working power consumption is high. The door lock is offline when it is not working.

2. Zigbee: A Zigbee gateway is required. Strong networking is used to obtain the door lock status in real time. Two-way communication supports various functions and features. Zigbee 3.0 or later versions ensure effective communication with other devices.

3. Bluetooth (direct connection to the mobile phone): No additional gateway is required. Weak networking is used. Due to the physical distance limitation, the door lock status cannot be obtained in real time. High compatibility with different mobile phones is required.

4. NB-IoT (12 months): Similar to Zigbee, the power consumption is low but the network delay is long.

5. Bluetooth (gateway): A Bluetooth gateway is required. This network connection mode is not commonly used in smart home appliances.

6. Sub-1G (12 months or more): A Sub-1G gateway is required. This network connection mode is applicable only to a small number of smart products, and is difficult to interconnect with other smart products.

What battery is used by a door sensor with low power consumption?

A door sensor using a Wi-Fi module uses two AAA batteries (24 A).

A door sensor using a Bluetooth module uses a 200mA battery.

What are the principles of a dynamic password?

A dynamic password is a temporary password that is calculated based on an algorithm that does not need a network. The app requests a door lock's dynamic password from the Tuya server over a third-party API. When the door lock receives a suspicious dynamic password, it sends the password to the Tuya Wi-Fi or Zigbee module with the current time and administrator password. The module then calculates the password based on the saved initial private key and compares the calculated password with the password that you enter. If they are the same, the module tells the MCU to open the door. If they are different, the module tells the MCU not to open the door.

How is the security of Tuya plug-and-play smart door locks?

Data is encrypted on all the communication links. That is, all data transmitted over the app, server, and Wi-Fi module is encrypted.

What are the levels of permission on plug-and-play apartment door locks?

Local door lock permission levels consist of administrators, managers, and common users. In apartment scenarios, administrators are the apartment owners, managers are apartment property management personnel, and common users are temporary personnel such as tenants and cleaners.

Why is "Clear door lock temporary password" delivered when I create a temporary password?

You have performed a factory reset on the app. After receiving the command, the hardware did not reply to the server. The server did not complete the "clear temporary password" for the hardware and saves this state. When the hardware is paired with the network again, it executes the "clear temporary password" command for the door lock again to ensure consistent temporary passwords on the server and hardware. If you create a temporary password before the server restores factory settings for the door lock, the operation will be blocked and the "clear temporary password" command will be triggered again.

Does Tuya provide a visual doorbell app?

The UI of a visual doorbell app is significantly different from that of the white-label apps provided by Tuya. It is recommended that you find a third-party app developer to design your own app. Tuya can assist in camera-related development.

Does the door lock algorithm involve both door lock passwords and dynamic passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the dynamic passwords?

Tuya's latest protocol uses both dynamic passwords and local passwords for calculation. However, this function is a cloud function and has not yet been completed for apps. Subsequent updates will be synchronized directly from the cloud to apps to support existing devices. You can develop the MCU SDK based on the latest protocol.

Why can't I preview some DPs on the door lock panel of the app?

The alarm DP is necessary for a door lock but is not selected. After the alarm function is enabled, the panel will be refreshed.

What are the protocols that a Tuya plug-and-play smart door lock solution uses?

Protocols for interworking with the communication modules such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, NB-IoT, and Bluetooth, the smart door lock app, Tuya Cloud IoT services, SaaS, and application systems.

How many digits are supported in a temporary online password of a Tuya plug-and-play smart door lock?

Seven digits.

Do Tuya plug-and-play smart locks support OTA upgrades?

Yes. Both modules and MCUs support OTA upgrades.

Do Tuya plug-and-play smart door locks support time zone change?

The time of a smart door lock is synchronized with the server. It supports the time zone and DST change globally.

Which information can a plug-and-play apartment door lock report?

Electronic lockouts, notifications for long-time stay in home, door opening records, alarm records, and operation records.

How do I connect door locks from customers to the network through Tuya modules?

1. Confirm the networking method required by the customer: Wi-Fi or Zigbee. If the customer does not know the networking methods, guide the customer in choosing one according to the differences in the networking technology and functions.

2. After confirming the networking method, check whether the functions required by the customer are supported.

3. If all the functions required by the customer are available, start the project. If one or more functions required by the customer are unavailable in the standard version, communicate with the product or project manager to determine the feasibility before deciding whether to start the project.

What authorization methods does a plug-and-play apartment door lock support?

Common password authorization, offline password authorization, card or ID card authorization, and fingerprint authorization.

How are apartment door locks and home door locks different?

Apartment door locks must support permission management, offline door opening, and fingerprint, password, and card authorization, whereas home door locks do not.

Can a smart door lock be opened remotely?

If the smart door lock uses a Wi-Fi module, you cannot tap a button in the app to open it remotely, because the power consumption is high if the module stays connected for a long time. You must first pair the door lock to a network. (Door lock manufacturers can customize triggering methods based on actual needs. Generally, network pairing is triggered through touch or special password verification.) The app will receive a request when network pairing is triggered. In this case, you can tap a button in the app to open the door. If the smart door lock uses a Zigbee module, it can be controlled remotely.

How long does it take to develop a sample smart door lock?

A sample Wi-Fi door lock that uses a plug-and-play solution can be developed in two weeks and tested in one week. A sample Zigbee door lock can typically be developed in three weeks and tested in two weeks.

What are Tuya's door lock solutions?

Tuya provides different solutions based on the customer type. If you are an electronic lock supplier with embedded development capabilities, Tuya provides you with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, NB-IoT, and BLE communication modules, smart lock apps (TuyaSmart, Smart Life, or OEM apps), Tuya IoT services, SaaS solutions, and application systems. If you are a traditional lock supplier without embedded development capabilities, Tuya can recommend professional and mature solution resources to meet your IoT access requirements and help you implement intelligence in one stop. If you want to enter the smart lock market quickly, Tuya has cooperated with over 100 factories and can provide first-class, one-stop smart lock solutions with professional ODM or OEM smart locks. If you have such requirements, contact Tuya personnel.

Are there any differences among Tuya plug-and-play smart door locks?

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