Zigbee Lock

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tuya plug-and-play Zigbee smart door locks?

Strong networking is used to obtain the door lock status in real time. Two-way communication supports various functions and features.

What is the principle of temporary passwords for Zigbee connection?

Temporary passwords are valid during a specific period of time. After you create a temporary password for a door lock in the app, the server sends the password to the door lock, which stores the password and validity period. After the information is saved, the temporary password is valid during this period unless the door lock receives an instruction to delete or modify the password. Network connection is the basis for password creation, deletion, and modification.

Hong long is the interval for sending heartbeat packets of a Zigbee door lock?

Heartbeat packets are sent at a 2 minutes intervals.

What is the battery life of a Tuya plug-and-play Zigbee door lock?

9 to 12 months in general.

What are the advantages of a Zigbee door lock?

Low-power (battery) Ad hoc network (coordinator, router, and terminal) Short-range communications (15 to 30 m) Low rate (kbit/s-level) Secure (internal encryption) Low costs

What are the application scenarios of Tuya plug-and-play Zigbee smart door locks?

They apply to smart house systems and apartments.

What are the Zigbee smart door lock application scenarios?

Zigbee smart door locks mainly apply to business markets, hotels, real estates, and long- and short-term rental apartments. Zigbee smart door locks are seldom used at homes.

Can I configure the firmware for a plug-and-play Zigbee door lock?

Yes. You can configure firmware parameters, including the baud rate and wake up method, for Zigbee home door locks on the platform. You can also select a ZS3, ZS5, or ZS7 module for a plug-and-play Zigbee door lock.

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