Access Mode SoC

What is SoC?

A system on chip (SoC) device does not have a microcontroller unit (MCU). The control programs are written into the module.

What are the characteristics of a plug-and-play OEM solution?

1. Existing common panels and general firmware

2. Configurable hardware I/O interfaces

3. Modules burned with firmware (You can purchase modules burned with firmware without needing to contact the business manager, saving time and energy.)

4. Applicable to over 85% of electrical engineering and lighting products We recommend the plug-and-play OEM solutions because we have developed them after multiple surveys and tests to help you develop smart products quickly.

Can I modify a plug-and-play solution?

The public key cannot be modified, but you can use the backend JSON configuration file to modify the indicator colors in network pairing mode and the definition of the I/O pins. Note that configuration items modified in the JSON configuration file take effect only after you place a new order, produce a token, program the module, and activate the module.

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