Bluetooth Lighting

Do Bluetooth lamps support constant current drivers?

Currently, we are working the SM2135E constant current driver solution and now the PWM-to-constant current solution is supported.

Can I control a Bluetooth lamp remotely?

Yes, but a Bluetooth gateway is required.

Is the protocol of Bluetooth mesh smart lighting module standard or Tuya-defined?

Does a Bluetooth lamp support local execution at a scheduled time?

Yes. However, to use the timing feature, a gateway is required.Currently, the smart lighting module uses Tuya protocols.

Do Bluetooth lamps support the CCT solution?

Yes. When you create a Bluetooth product, select the CCT solution as the color temperature adjustment mode in hardware debug settings.

Which pins of a Bluetooth CW lamp's CCT firmware adjust the brightness and color temperature?

In a Bluetooth module's CCT firmware, the CW and WW pins are used as the PWM output for brightness adjustment and color temperature control, respectively.

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