BLE Mesh General Solution

How many devices can be connected to the Sigmesh network?

64 nodes for one gateway, extra 64 nodes will be added for each additional gateway. Besides, a mesh network can support up to 3000 nodes. For now, small mesh gateway in mass production status support 128 sub-devices.

What are the benefits of adding several gateways to a Bluetooth mesh network?

It supports multiple gateways connected, indeed adding a gateway cannot increase the total number of nodes, but it helps to enhance the network stability (the gateway can be used as a repeater)

Do Sigmesh devices support to connect locally without routing?


What is the number of devices that can be directly connected to a Sigmesh phone locally?

In theory, 32768 can be connected. The connection mechanism of the device that needs attention is that the mobile is directly connected to one device, and then connected to other devices through this device, not all devices are directly connected to the mobile. In actual application, the problem of mutual interference between devices should also be considered.

For official version Sigmesh device, how many jumps by default?

The lighting OEM firmware default by 3 jumps, which also can be customized when more levels are required such as street light scenes.

Which solution is currently used in Tuya Bluetooth mesh solution? why choose this one?

Tuya uses Telink Semiconductor solution, its protocol and device synchronization are more mature.

How to define schedule function points of the Bluetooth mesh general integration solution without connecting to the gateway?

It is recommended to add the countdown function point, the cloud schedule function cannot be used without the gateway.

What does the mesh remote control solution support?

Support offline code remote control, POP

Does Tuya mesh gateway support OEM solution?

Sorry, it does not support OEM solution.

How many nodes can a mesh network support?

The single mesh network supports a maximum of 128 nodes by default (including gateways, low-power nodes, and regular work nodes)

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