Zigbee General Solution

How long will the module take to get into sleep mode after the low-power Zigbee general firmware communication ends?

After the uart communication is over, the Zigbee module will get into sleep mode after 100mS. The MCU need to pull low the wake-up pin 10mS before the next communication.

Does a Zigbee module have heartbeat packets?


How many scenes and groups does a single Zigbee device support simultaneously?

A single Zigbee device simultaneously supports up to 56 scenes and groups in total.

Why i cannot control the Zigbee scene switch using the MCU solution?

DP 17 has to be selected and used to report the data to control the Zigbee scene switch.

What is the protocol version of Tuya Zigbee?

Tuya Zigbee is developed based on Zigbee 3.0.

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