E202/203 Smart Lock

What unlocking methods does IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock support?

It supports 5 kinds of unlocking mode: fingerprint, RFID card, password, APP, mechanical key.

How thick door does IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock apply to? What is the size of IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock body?

It is suitable for 40-100mm thick wooden or steel doors. The lock type number is 5052, and the peripheral size is 76*118 mm. If the lock body is not 5052 before, it is necessary to refer to the size of the lock body and the hole opening drawing for re-drilling, and confirm that the size of the door lock panel can cover the original hole position.

What should I pay attention to when buying?

Confirm the thickness of the door: Please confirm whether your door is made of wood or steel with a thickness between 40-100mm

Confirm the size of the lock: Please confirm the size of the previously installed door lock and lock body. If the size is different, please confirm that the E202/203 door lock panel can cover the previous hole position, and it can be installed after re-drilling.

Confirm the opening direction of your door: Please confirm whether your door is opened to the left or the right. The left-handed lock is different from the right-handed lock.This lock has two types,respectively are "left-handed" and "right-handed", pay attention not to buy the wrong one.

Does IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock have a doorbell?

There is a doorbell function.

What is the power supply mode of IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock? How long is the battery life?

AA batteries are used for power supply (the product does not have the battery), and the standby time is 20000 hours. It can be used for more than 1 year if it is unlocked 10 times a day.

Will IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock alarm and remind when the power is low?

Low power alarm is supported. When the voltage is too low, the lock will automatically alarm. After the alarm, the lock can be opened for 50 times,please replace the battery in time.If the battery is exhausted, it can also be connected to the mobile power supply via the USB interface at the lower part of the door lock for emergency power supply. The battery needs to be replaced immediately after the lock is unlocked.

What is the operating temperature range of IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock?

Operating temperature range - 25℃ - 55℃.

Lock password can prevent peeping?

IFREEQ E202 smart lock support virtual password, that is, when the owner is next to someone, in order to prevent the door password is leaked, before and after the password can casually input some random code, as long as the middle of the continuous password number is right to open the lock.

What is the name of the APP?

The APP name is "Tuya Smart/Smartlife". The APP supports 10 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Can the direction of the locking tongue be adjustable?

Direction can be adjusted, please adjust the lock tongue direction according to the copy icon.

What language are the voice prompts?

English is the only language available now and can be added later.

How many ways can you set up administrators?

You can use fingerprints, you can use passwords and cards.

How many administrators can be set at most?

At most, you can set up 3 administrators.

How many users can be added at most?

The IFREEQ E202 smart locks can support up to 100 users.

Can I delete the administrator?

Yes, just reset the door lock and cancel the battery cover behind the lock. There is a reset key in the battery box. Long press the reset key for more than 3 seconds to delete the administrator and initialize it to the factory state.

Is remote unlocking supported?

APP generates dynamic password to unlock. Dynamic password can be generated in the APP and provided to visitors to unlock.

Click the APP to open the lock remotely. When the guest comes to visit, you can ask the guest to input "4" + "#" on the door lock. At this time, as long as the mobile phone is connected to the Internet, the APP lock interface will appear "click remote door opening", and click to open the lock.

Why does the dynamic password I provided not work?

After typing the dynamic password, press "#" again to make it valid.

The effective duration of the dynamic password is 5S after it is generated, and it will be invalid after 5S. If it fails, it needs to be generated again. Dynamic passwords also support virtual passwords.

Can the APP monitor the unlock record?

Yes, there is a door-opening log in the APP, and you can edit the name of the user.

Can IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock be locked if the password is mistyped many times?

Yes, if the password is wrong for more than 5 times, the E202/203 lock will be locked automatically and will be released in 3 minutes.

What "alarm" functions are included in IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock APP?

There are two types of alarms: A. Enter the password 5 times of alarm; B. Low power alarm.

How to set up an administrator?

Long press "*" button, according to the language broadcast "please add administrator", input fingerprint 3 times, can complete the administrator Settings.

How to delete users?

Long press "*" button, according to the language broadcast "please verify administrator", after verifying administrator, prompt "please add user", then long press "*" button, switch to delete user mode, then according to the voice prompt, press "1" to delete fingerprint user, press "2" to delete password user, press "3" to delete card user, press "4" to delete all users.

How to install IFREEQ E202/203 smart lock?

First complete the punching according to the requirements of the door lock punching diagram, and then complete the lock installation according to the following three steps:

  1. Install the lock body. First, please confirm the direction of the lock tongue, confirm and adjust the direction of the lock tongue according to the direction of the door is closed, then load it into the door and lock the screw.

  2. Install the front panel of the lock. Product packaging box contains different lengths of square steel and connecting column, according to the thickness of the door to choose different lengths of square steel and connecting column, inserted into the front panel of the lock, then cover inside the door.

  3. Install the back panel of the lock. The installation can be accomplished by processing anti-lock cutting according to the thickness of the door and connecting the row line of the front panel to the back panel, connecting the square steel and anti-lock cutting, and locking up the two setscrews. Note: there is a screw position inside the battery cover box.

How do I connect to the App?

  1. First connect the mobile phone to the Wi-Fi at home, open the "Tuya Smart" App, click "+" in the upper right corner, then click "All devices" and select " Lock".

  2. Touch the lock keyboard and continuously input "3" + "#". After verifying the administrator, the "8" key flashes, which means entering the distribution network mode.

  3. According to the APP prompt, enter the Wi-Fi password to complete the task of adding connection.

Note: In APP "All devices", select " Lock" instead of "Smart lock" (Here " Lock" is Wi-Fi lock and "Smart lock" is ZigBee lock).

What if the card is lost? Can you disable it?

The card is lost and you can delete the user. Even if someone finds the card after deletion, the door cannot be unlocked.

When you set the administrator, enter the wrong password in the second input, how to deal with it?

If you make a mistake, press the "*" button to exit and reset.

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